Canvas slideshow

Posted 2011-10-02

HTML 5, canvas based, slideshow is simplified version of flash slideshow used on this site (and direct port of I Can Create header). All internal configuration is stored in xml file.

Unreal Engine 1 package system

Posted 2011-05-11

When I began my work on Residual Decay I needed a way to store all new things in one handy archive (like dxt5 compressed textures). The best (and easiest) way out was using native UEngine package system.

Lightweight template system

Posted 2011-05-07

It's small template system I wrote. It features:

  • usable conditional statements
  • usable loop blocks
  • usable include statement
  • minifies inline styles (if $compress is true)
  • minifies inline javascript (if $compress is true and jsmin.php is included)

Each tamplate has it's own set of variables. rTemplates is very easy to use (samples are included in the archive) and released under LGPL version 3. You can download it here. JSMin.php is included but is not required to run the script.