Compatibility: Unreal Tournament
Description: DM-Burhan is small 2-4 players map that includes custom decal projectors and particle emitters. Gameplay wise it rely on lift jumps & rocket jumps/impact hammer jumps to get to power ups such as shield/damage amplifier.
Download: DM-Burhan
DM-Burhan DM-Burhan DM-Burhan DM-Burhan

UEngine Preprocessor Commandlet

Compatibility: Unreal Tournament, Unreal 1 (included in patch 227), Rune 1.07
Description: Written in Visual C++ 2008 Express, UEngine Preprocessor Commandlet is advanced preprocessor for UnrealScript which comes in form of UCC.exe commandlet. Large variety of directives and integration with Unreal Engine makes it very useful tool for Unreal Script coders.


Compatibility: Unreal Tournament, Unreal 1 (all versions)
Description: RParticles is particle system for Unreal Engine 1 (UT/U1). Because it's written only in Unreal Script it works on Linux, Mac and Windows. It's also included with Unreal 227 patch.
  • Up to 16 different templates in one Particle Emitter
  • Fade in/out
  • 5 different states (TriggerControl/TriggerTurnsOff/TriggerTurnsOn/TriggerToggle/TriggeredBlast) in ExtendedEmitter
  • 2 different selection methods
  • 2 different burst methods
  • Advanced spawn methods
  • Collision detection
  • Performance mode
  • Available version for Unreal 1 (tested on 226 and 225f)